Vinyl FloorDo you have linoleum or vinyl floors that need to be cleaned?


We can help you with that.  Are your vinyl or linoleum floors looking a little dull?  Our linoleum floor cleaning process will have your vinyl floors looking great.  Our vinyl floor cleaning process will provide that deep down cleaning that will remove years of dirt and grime from your floors.  Your floors are a big part of your home, when your flooring is not looking it’s best- it can have a negative impact on the way your home looks and feels.

After our cleaning process is complete, you will wonder what took you so long to give us a call to provide this valuable service.  If you are located in the Lexington Ky area, give us a call.  We will be glad to answer any questions you have.

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What are the steps involved in your linoleum floor cleaning or vinyl floor cleaning process?


Before the linoleum floor cleaning or vinyl floor cleaning process is started we will test your floor.  First and foremost, your floor will be tested to see what types of build up is on the floor.  Basically what we are looking for is to see if any type of topical waxes have been used to maintain the floor, for instance Mop and Glo or other types of products like this.  If this is the case, our process will require additional steps to restore your flooring.

If we find that your floor is free of wax type products as mentioned above– we can begin the cleaning process.


Steps involved in linoleum floor cleaning and vinyl floor cleaning.

Below are the steps involved in linoleum floor cleaning and vinyl floor cleaning:

  •  Thoroughly sweep or vacuum the vinyl or linoleum flooring.
  • We then will apply our powerful cleaning solution to the floor, allowing this product to dwell for several minutes.  All of the products we use in our cleaning processes are child and pet friendly.
  • We then will scrub the flooring using our state of the art floor machine, this step helps to loosen the soil and grime so it can be rinsed away.  You will be left with squeaky clean, sparkling floors.

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Are you ready for your vinyl floors to look fantastic?  Are you located in Lexington Ky?  Give us a call today, we will have your floors looking great in no time.

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Questions?? Call (859) 948-9608