paint stainDo you have paint stains or paint spots on your carpet?


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We usually have a pretty good success rate at being able to remove paint from carpeting.  It will depend on a couple of different factors on how successful we can be.  The first one being, how much paint was spilled on your carpet?  The next will be what color and what type of paint was spilled on your carpet and what is the color of the carpet itself?  The last important factor to consider is how long ago the paint was spilled on your carpet.  Those are a few important factors for us to consider when consulting our clients on the proper way to remove paint from their carpeting.

How do you remove paint spots and paint stains from carpeting?


That’s a very good question.  We use specialized cleaning solutions and specialized cleaning techniques when removing paint spots and paint stains from carpet.  We have the proper skill and know you to help you get your carpeting back in to tip top shape.  We have helped many homeowners in the Lexington Ky area with paint problems and their carpeting.


How much will it cost to have paint stains or paint spots removed from my carpet?


That will be a hard question to answer without knowing more about your particular problem.  I will tell you, that my prices are very reasonable and that I pride myself on always being fair.  I understand that in today’s economy that money is tight and everyone wants to spend as little as possible.  This should not be any different when you are doing research on different Lexington Carpet Cleaners and trying to solve a problem like removing paint from your carpet.  Whether your problem is simple or complex we will do our best to accommodate you, with excellent service and a fair price.  If you are located in or around the Lexington Ky area, give us a call.  I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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Questions??  Call (859) 948-9608