professional carpet cleaningThe carpet in your home is a big investment.  Let us help you take care of it.


Just like everything these days, the carpet in your home is very expensive to replace.  With the proper care and maintenance the carpet in your home or business will last for many years to come.  Today, we will discuss the ways you can properly maintain your carpet in your home or business in the Lexington Ky area.

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Let’s talk a little about vacuuming your carpet.


Did you know that by vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis– this step alone can add many years to the life of your carpeting?  It really can.  I have always tried to inform my clients in the Lexington Ky area, the real importance of proper vacuuming.

By vacuuming and removing the dry soil from your carpet you will help by preventing those unsightly traffic patterns or traffic areas that can form in the heavily walked areas of your home or business.

Think about this for just a minute.  The dry soil that is tracked in on your feet will accumulate over time, without proper vacuuming this dry soil will act kind of like sandpaper to the fibers of your carpeting.  Over time, as you walk over the area, your carpet will develop those ugly traffic patterns that cause your carpet to look old, dingy and dirty.  Sometimes these traffic patterns can be corrected with professional carpet cleaning but not always.

Just by setting up a routine vacuuming schedule you can greatly reduce the chances of your carpet getting these unsightly traffic patterns.


Professional cleaning and your carpet.


Professional carpet cleaning is another very important step in properly maintaining your carpet and helping it last for many years.  With normal traffic in your home or business, it’s a good idea to have your carpet cleaned professionally about twice per year.  Professional carpet cleaning will help remove the dust, dirt and grime in your carpeting that your vacuum, a rented carpet cleaning machine or a low cost store bought carpet cleaning machine simply can not do properly.

We use a state of the art, high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to provide carpet cleaning services for our clients in Lexington Ky.  This high powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine costs many thousands of dollars and provides that deep down steam cleaning that a low cost rented carpet cleaning machine can’t even begin to compare with.

When you are ready to hire for your Carpet Cleaning in Lexington Ky, give us a call.  I take great pride in my work and the services that I provide.  My prices are very reasonable and the quality of my work speaks for itself.

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